Summary of the Article:
• The article discusses how to use social media as a platform to build relationships with customers.
• It outlines five steps to utilize customer feedback on social media, such as responding to customer comments, engaging in conversations, and using analytics tools.
• Additionally, it emphasizes the importance of creating a unified brand voice and staying authentic when interacting with customers.

Social Media Relationships

The world of digital marketing is constantly evolving and one of the key elements of success is building relationships with your customers through social media. This article will discuss five steps that companies can take to ensure they are utilizing customer feedback on social media platforms in order to strengthen their relationships with their clients.

Respond Quickly and Appropriately

One way to build relationships with customers through social media is by responding quickly and appropriately to customer comments or inquiries. Studies have shown that 78 percent of consumers expect an answer within an hour after reaching out via social media. Additionally, make sure you are not just providing automated responses but that you are taking the time to read each comment or inquiry thoroughly so you can respond appropriately.

Engage in Conversations

Another way to increase engagement is by getting involved in conversations on your company’s page or other related pages. This could include joining relevant conversations happening on Twitter or engaging in meaningful dialogue on Facebook groups or Reddit threads. By being an active member in online communities related to your industry or business, you will be able to build strong relationships with potential customers as well as create more brand awareness for your product or service.

Analytics Tools

There are various analytics tools available that can help companies track customer sentiment about their products and services over time. By monitoring these data points closely, businesses can get an idea about how their audience feels about certain topics and if there is any need for improvement in terms of customer service or product development.

Create a Unified Brand Voice

Finally, it’s important for businesses to create a unified brand voice when communicating with their customers on social media platforms. This means having consistent messaging across all platforms while still staying true-to-brand when interacting with potential customers online. Additionally, it’s important for businesses to stay authentic when engaging in online conversations–avoiding gimmicks and focusing instead on building real connections with those who interact with them online.