The real feud between Bitcoin SV and Binance continues.

Since Binance decided to delist BSV, with CEO Chanpeng CZ Zhao writing very heavy words against project co-founder Craig Wright, a real ongoing struggle between the two began.

The hatred between the two seems to be mutual, and also involves the other co-founder of the Bitcoin SV project, that Calvin Ayre who is also the owner of

In fact, it’s no coincidence that has been chosen to move against Binance really heavy accusations, which also involve other exchanges such as BitMEX and Kraken, in addition to, Blockstream and Ethereum.

In short, it seems almost a struggle of Wright and Ayre against everyone, probably moved by their claim to have in their hands the best crypto project ever conceived.

The accusations against Binance and CZ are very heavy: according to Coingeek there is a criminal cartel active in money laundering with the crypto-currency exchange Binance, Kraken and BitMEX, with the latter already explicitly denounced by the American CFTC for this kind of illegal activity.

In a paragraph of Coingeek’s article not by chance entitled „Binance’s time is coming“ it is assumed that a clear sign of involvement in criminal activities is the attack on the pro-regulation and anti-crime approach of Craig Wright and Bitcoin SV.

In fact, they expressly mention the delisting of BSV, also involving Roger Ver of, a well-known supporter of Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Together with Kraken and Shapeshift this is called „the criminal cabal that delisted BSV“, even going so far as to argue that CZ would not care about BSV’s usefulness to criminals.

The article explicitly mentions hypothetical $770 million of laundered money on Binance, assuming that it is only a matter of time before the same accusations are made against BitMEX. However, there is no clear evidence that this corresponds to reality.

The article ends with these words:

„And if there were still any doubts, if you still feel safe to pursue Binance’s criminal enterprise from a foreign office – you may never even have set foot in the United States – the now former FBI director James Comey has a few selected words for you:

If you touch our shores with your corrupt enterprise, whether through meetings or using our world-class financial system, you will be held responsible for that corruption.

This conclusion makes it clear that the article in question is not for journalistic or informational purposes, but looks more like an attempt, probably in vain, to frighten someone with vague threats made by people who have no say in the matter.