• Bitcoin [BTC] has seen a few price corrections this year, which has caused its price to remain under $30,000.
• Despite the fear of these corrections, long-term holders have enjoyed a profit of more than 21%.
• Whale holdings have remained flat while fish and shrimp have increased their accumulation.

Bitcoin Price Corrections

Even as Bitcoin remains under $30,000, long-term holders have enjoyed profits during the latest price correction of over 21%. BTC’s market price was nearly $24,800 while long-term holders realized price was $27,800. CryptoQuant’s analysis pointed out the state of long-term holders during the recent price corrections.

On-Chain Metrics

Bitcoin’s on-chain metrics revealed that long-term holders were still willing to hold their assets as Binary CDD remained green. This indicated that movements in the last seven days were lower than average for these holders. Whale holdings also remained flat as wallets with balances between 0 BTC – 1 BTC increased, indicating more accumulation from fish and shrimp.

Profit Calculator

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Despite some bearish indicators in BTC’s chart recently, whales and long term holders are not willing to sell their holdings while fish and shrimp are increasing accumulation. With the help of a profit calculator it is easier for investors to see how well they are doing and if they need to make changes in order to maximize profits from their portfolio values over time.


The recent price correction saw an increase in profits for long term holder with whale holding remaining flat but an increase in accumulation from fish and shrimp investors showing confidence in Bitcoin’s future prospects despite bearish indicators on its chart recently